Exactly a month ago, letmydogin.com was officially launched! It was met with very positive feedback by the community of dog owners and lovers, as well as scores of my social media friends. In the last 4 weeks, 41 new businesses have been added to our dog-friendly listings, 50 new members have joined our LMDI Facebook page and 33 posts have been made by members.

These are the top posters (Admins and Moderators are not included):

1 – Dewald Meiring

2 – Janice North

3 – Stephen Guy

4 – Sarah Gibson

5 – Claire Somerville

So at the last count our LMDI Facebook page had 292 members and our Instagram account had 150 followers, thanks to many of you who have added friends and acquaintances since launch – THANK YOU! In September, our special offer proved popular (Buy ANY water bottle and receive a free LMDI tote bag) so look out for our deals in October. We’re also looking to launch new items following feedback from keen members. I will very likely ask for your opinion on what items should be launched next. In the meantime, have a look at the merchandise on letmydogin.com/merchandise/




Ballucci is a small independent Coffee Bar & Lounge situated in Isleworth, West London. We launched on 27th September 2017 and have been very successful ever since. Isleworth is a family-orientated area with loads of young professionals and families, so we wanted to create something that will fit in with the area. Ballucci has been designed to create a relaxing ambience and a contemporary rustic décor with a vintage and retro twist. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding customer service and of course delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cakes, pastries and freshly-made sandwiches. Our baristas take great pride in every coffee they make, so you can be sure to get only the best. We also sell our own brand of coffee which seems to be very popular with our customers. We are proud to welcome everyone from young to old, any sexual orientation, background, colour, race and of course all of our hairy four-legged friends. When I came  up with the concept of Ballucci, I wanted to create a place where everyone can feel welcome and enjoy spending time with us. We feel that a dog is just as much part of the family as children, so why exclude them? We understand that not everyone will like the fact that we allow dogs in our shop, but we feel quite strongly about this and realised that we can’t keep everyone happy. So when we had to choose between those who don’t like dogs and those who do, the dog lovers won! Since we’ve opened we’ve had the pleasure of meeting loads of furry friends and they have always been very well behaved. We trust that our customers are responsible pet owners and that they will look after their dogs just like they would their own children. So if you’re in the area and want to pop in, please feel free to come and relax with a great coffee and your pup! DEWALD MEIRING


479 London Road



0208 127 1717


Karin Davies – Pet Groomer in Everton, Lymington

I love animals, and dogs in particular, and although I really enjoy my job as long-haul cabin crew, I have always had dreams of owning an animal sanctuary if I won the lottery! The grooming idea came about by a friend of mine, who saw how I was around dogs and how much I love them and suggested it to me one night over dinner. I would never have thought of it, and the idea just felt right as it would be something I could do alongside a part-time contract with flying as I got older, or even full-time as time went on and the jet lag got too much! So, I did a stint of work experience at a local place near me called Canine Clips, and enjoyed it immensely. I had done some work experience as a vet nurse a few years back and didn’t enjoy it for some reason… I lasted 2 days!!!… I guess I didn’t give the vet nursing a chance as it was a lot of reception work and watching the vet… and in the crew community we’re real grafters; I realised during that experience that I needed hands-on, physical, hard graft. This latest stint just felt right, and I loved the care and attention the groomers gave the dogs whilst getting on with the job which really appealed to my empathetic nature. So, I am now at college every Monday, doing my City and Guilds Level 2 until December, and enjoying it thoroughly. Dog grooming ain’t easy… I’ve just had a physio massage this week… Get in touch with Karin: karinbruckner@yahoo.co.uk



Sarah Gibson – Turret Corner – 4 bedroom Victorian B&B in North Wales

I’m Sarah, an ex-member of cabin crew who’s just taken Voluntary Redundancy and moved to the North Wales coast to open my new holiday let. Along with my husband, I own a 4 bedroom Victorian house with a secure garden which is a 2min walk from a sandy, dog-friendly beach in Colwyn Bay.  It’s also very close to Snowdonia National Park and the isle of Anglesey. We supply dog beds, blankets, towels, food and water bowls, and of course treats for all our furry guests. Have a look at www.turretcorner.com and come visit us soon!

The best places in SE London that Let My Dog In, by: 

Lindsey Isla Henderson   


As a professional dog sitter and freelance writer based in Elephant and Castle, I’m always sniffing out the best places to spend an afternoon with my laptop and a pup (or three), so read on to discover some of the best pooch-friendly places in the area.

Mercato Metropolitano If this Italian food market doesn’t get you sayin’ mama mia I don’t know what will. Hang about the pasta stalls for free samples and don’t leave without tasting some of the best gelato in town (the black sesame is a personal favourite). Dogs are welcome inside and out, just watch out for the security, you won’t be able to stop them giving your pet a cuddle or two. http://www.mercatometropolitano.co.uk/

HEJ  Whether it’s in Bermondsey Square or at its fancy new spot in Elephant and Castle, HEJ is the only place you and your furry friends will want to be. There is a great afternoon to be had here: you can log onto free wifi, sip a spine-tinglingly-good orange hot chocolate and let your dog munch away on complimentary dog biscuits. How woof-erful! https://www.hejcoffee.co.uk/

The Manor  You’ll be absolutely barking for this handsome pub at the top of Walworth Road. You and the pup can feel like King or Queen of the Castle inside this gorgeous Georgian Terrace house, where the drinks are well priced and the walls are pretty. If the weather is on your side, then the stunning outside beer garden is a great place to spend the evening with your pup. https://manorofwalworth.com/

Fuckoffee  Maybe not the quietest place to spend an afternoon, but it’s certainly the most fun. The brownies are going to be the best you’ve ever had and there are free dog biscuits at the counter to keep your pup entertained. It’s also a stone’s throw away from Tanner Street park which is a great place to have a run about or just taking a few moments to paws for thought. http://www.jonestown.co.uk/

Chapter-72  This award winning coffee shop is one of the more trendy places on the list, this dinky little space has some of the best coffee around and the soundtrack is pretty sweet too. Find a small little table at the back and you and your pooch can take a quiet moment or two. If you’re looking for something stronger the espresso martini is an absolute must! http://www.chapter-72.com/

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