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As most life-changing projects, this website was created out of despair and frustration and as a way to fix something that’s wrong about everyday life.

Everyone who owns a dog has tried to visit an establishment with their canine friend in tow only to be barred at the door. And the reasons are always the same: “Dogs have misbehaved here in the past”, “It’s management rules”, “It’s a food preparation area”, blah blah blah… Not only is this frustrating and embarrassing but really unfair! When was the last time all human beings were banned from a bar because one had misbehaved before? How many restaurants have stopped allowing children in because of management rules? And don’t get me started on the food preparation excuse… some of the best food I’ve ever eaten was in pubs and they invariably allow dogs in.

SO… I decided that in order to remove the cringeworthy experience of being told that my dogs can’t go somewhere with me, I would have to check before leaving home.

And this website was born!


Dog-Friendly Places

In this section of the site you will find scores of bars, pubs, cafés, restaurants, etc where you can take your dog. I didn’t just take Google’s word for it – I called every single business and got a positive answer!

And by dog-friendly I don’t mean a place that allows your dog to sit outside; we all know that the weather in this country is irregular at best. Whenever a business only allows your best friend to sit outside, we will still list it if (and only if) the rest of the experience is worth it. Other than that, we prefer to focus on businesses which allow dogs full access, just like they do humans.



I’ve had bad experiences of pet grooming in the past and, while they didn’t necessarily mean low standards of animal care, highlighting these situations could prevent them from happening again in future. Equally, if you’ve received excellent service from a dog groomer, why not recommend it to the next person?

Special offers are all the rage these days so let everyone know of the best deal in town! Humans are often rewarded for loyalty to a business, so why shouldn’t dogs be?



A lot of cafés are very small spaces so they use that as an excuse to not allow dogs inside. If the customer service, outdoor offer and overall experience are excellent, then we will still advertise their services. Otherwise, only real dog-friendly places will do!

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