2020 has turned out to be a year of endless challenges but also of priceless opportunities. This site, for example, was always a bit of a hobby, a campaign, a movement for the last 2 or 3 years; now I dedicate more time to it than I ever did to any company I’ve worked for. And it’s very rewarding to see the results of your hard work, especially when it benefits your friends, your dogs and your friends’ dogs!

Right now we’re focusing on bringing all sorts of deals and special offers to our members, from hotel rooms to dog food, from merchandise to pet health. It may still be a few months away but work is underway so keep your eyes peeled!

For now, here are some stories that have warmed our hearts in these testing times.

Welcome to our October DogBlog!



This is my new puppy Beatle, son of Mínimo and Lira. After a long separation they were reunited and Beatle and his brother and sister were conceived. They are Podengos Anões and they originate from  Alter do Chão (inland Portugal but close to the border with Spain) where my parents have been living since they retired.

Beatle (whose name was inspired by the band, which his master has always admired) has revealed a unique personality. He’s extremely docile, a good companion, playful, already with a few set routines which, although recent, were easily learned all by himself. He goes to toilet where he should and he already manages an uninterrupted night’s sleep. He is nevertheless an extremely early riser!!!

Today he went to the Vet for his vaccination and has already been chipped. He is now officially a Portuguese dog! ? A Podengo Anão Alentejano (Miniature Alentejo Podengo).


3 years ago I started following Agranda, a page on Facebook that deals with big dogs’ adoptions but back then I was living in central Madrid. I’m in my 50s and the need to change my life, adopt a dog and move outside Madrid was so strong that I now live half an hour away in the countryside. I saw Linus on the Agranda page. His owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. He’d lost his job, girlfriend, house and got into depression. Linus needed a home in a hurry; by then I had moved into a flat outside Madrid with plenty of fields around so I decided to give it a go. I started fostering him and after a week I decided I couldn’t let him go and adopted him.

The house I was building wasn’t ready yet but when I saw the pictures of Mika on the Agranda page I couldn’t resist it!!! She was found emaciated wandering in the streets of Cabra, a village outside Granada. Along with my partner, I decided to go and meet her to see if she could get along with Linus! We drove 450km and finally got to the rescue centre. They got along fine but that day I couldn’t put them both in my car. We drove back and a week later I drove back there to get her. The 4 of us lived in a flat for the following year; ? although the builders promised the house was going to be ready soon, that wasn’t the case lol. Thank God big dogs are not as active as smaller ones! They need 3 walks a day and they are perfectly fine inside. I promised them a garden and we finally have it. ??

LINE WELLS – Trufa (and Moo, RIP)

A dear friend of mine has volunteered for the charity Spanish Stray Dogs for many years and I had promised her that one day I would adopt a dog from there. At that time I had my beloved Moo, 3 teenagers at home and I was working, so the time wasn’t right. We lost Moo early August, it literally broke my heart and I have never known pain like it but I knew within days of losing him that I would adopt a stray.

So the process began and on the 17th of October Trufa arrived, exhausted and scared after travelling for 4 days from Spain in what is affectionately known as the HAPPY BUS to her forever home with us.

After being found and rescued on the street, cowering and with a fractured pelvis (possibly after being hit by a car) and then 3 months in the pound, she is now in her forever home with us. She is the sweetest little dog – all 9 kilos of her – and has breathed life back into me. Every day she grows in confidence, her eyes are brighter. She has simply made me happy again and I know that Moo would be proud of me…

Anyone looking to adopt, I would urge them to consider a rescue at Spanish Stray Dogs. They do an amazing job, run mostly by volunteers as do all animal charities. The adoption process is stringent, probably more so than if you were to buy a dog. So many forms to fill, home checks, etc but for me that’s a positive. Trufa came to me with all her inoculations, blood results (clear of disease) and X-rays of her fracture which had fortunately healed and doesn’t require surgery. She was spayed and micro-chipped before she arrived and has her own passport.

She is very different to Moo, about the size he was at 12 weeks old and she’s fully grown but I was never looking to replace him. He was a gentle giant, loyal, loving and generous with his kisses. He liked his routine of breakfast and dinner at the same time as well as 2 long walks a day. We adored him! It’s so different having a delicate girl and doing things on a much smaller scale. We’ve kept his bed and all his toys for her and I’m sure she finds comfort in the scent of him as I do still. Moo was the love of my life, I’m crying again writing about him but I have so much love for Trufa too. I now wake up with a smile on my face every morning. I’ve often been asked why I have a dog. My simple answer has always been “They make me happy”……. xxx

Line is raising money for Spanish Stray Dogs: 

Chris Knight has gone and done it again! 



Last year he created a dog calendar to help sponsor The Dogs Nobody Wants Sanctuary. LMDI were proud to order and sell a few tens of units for Chris and so he sent the sanctuary 10% of his profits. His 2021 edition is now available and it’s looking gorgeous:

“My Dogs 2021 Calendars are now available ?

In July we have Saxon – the wolf dog hybrid. What a stunning dog, I was so lucky to work with him. 

I will be donating 10% of the profits to The Dogs Nobody Wants Sanctuary. Price is £10 each and postage & packing will be £2 unless you would like to pick one up from me or a shop near you.

The calendar is A4 landscape so when hung will be A3 portrait. This would make an ideal gift for dog lovers and don’t forget Christmas is not far away ?”

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