I have seldom come across a human being that’s as dedicated to dogs and their wellbeing as my fellow flight attendant Anitta Autumn… we have a bidding system in our airline which allows us to request the destinations we most love, and she certainly ensures she does as many Istanbul trips as she possibly can!

It all started when she came across a few stray dogs near the hotel where we stay on layovers. At first she approached them carefully, not knowing how safe this would be; she soon became known to them and this developed into a relationship where she would bring them food and drink and they would repay with love and playtime.

Anitta has often spent her own money to help these dogs, often rescuing them from local “kill centres” and then re-homing them. Now she’s launching a “Coffee Challenge”, asking people to forgo ONE coffee this month to donate the money to her worthy cause. If each member of this group donated £2.50 to Anitta’s endeavour, many more dogs would be fed, watered, saved and rehomed.

If you think you can spare a coffee this month, then read on.

And thank you! ??


Is there hope for a second life after the first one you have been given goes horribly wrong due to no fault of your own? I would like to think so as everyone deserves a second chance.

In the winter Pablo must have been freezing with only one layer of fur as one day he was trying to curl up to stay warm shaking so badly I thought he was seriously ill. At that moment I made a promise to him that one day I would get them both off that damp, freezing beach. I had no idea how or when I was going to make this happen, all I knew was that it had to happen. 

Pablo and Blondie would do everything together including the naughty stuff chasing bikes, joggers, cars and cats. Eventually this got Pablo into trouble and that’s when things got very serious indeed for both of them… Luckily for me and for them, by this time I had already met Nuray. I call her the angel of Istanbul strays as what she does and how much she helps these dogs and cats is incredible. And at this point, I could use all the help available in order to help my boys as by now Pablo’s life was hanging by a thread…

Please join our group “Hope for a second life?” to find out what happened next, read and share our stories – everything since meeting Pablo and Blondie has been filled with unexpected twists and turns, sadness and joy. What started as an effort to help these two loveable dogs, has grown into something much bigger but, no matter what happens next, my love story with Pablo and Blondie is and always will be never ending…

“Saving one dog’s life does not change the world, but for that one dog, the world changes forever”. 

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