Being able to bounce back in times of adversity has always been one of the qualities I admire the most in people. So it’s no wonder it’s one of the behaviours I observe and look out for around me… Having the ability to reinvent oneself and fight back, no matter the setbacks. And in the last couple of years there have been plenty of examples of such endurance around us. These are just two of them, no doubt more will come to the fore as we approach a new year.

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Jac West – Portrait Artist
The Artful Flogger

After copying Garfield during my school days, while other pursuits and dreams came and went, art and drawing remained with me. Four years at art college later, I emerged as a print graphic designer, which I continued into the digital age. The pedantics of coding and the lack of artistic creativity in digital artwork did not agree with me, and with a dash of recession, it resulted in me bringing my print design career to an abrupt end.

My long term mental health issues threatened from a gloomy skyline, so I began volunteering with rescue dogs, hearing that animals helped with depression. And oh my dog… they certainly did. For enough time to conquer my anxieties with large dogs, and to the point that I then began working with pups at a well known London dog charity, full time. I ran up that steep learning curve, and embraced all things canine, learning so much, while trying to save them all.

Sadly, work related stress and the return of my long term depression forced me to rethink my life path yet again.

During this long recovery period I’ve now managed to combine the two, by returning to my art, and creating pet portraits (with the odd hooman thrown in), for others. Where hopefully my love for animals, and my ongoing artistic practice, shine through. Continually striving to better myself, and artfully reproduce, people’s beloved pets from photos, to my best ability.

Although, there’s always room for improvement…

For samples of my work, please visit my website
I’m willing to consider all requests and budgets. Thank you!

Gill Nicholas – Eleven Pieces
Small Sustainable Business Owner

I longed to have a dog in my life since I was a child. My parents said it was too much of a responsibility at the time, which now looking back was probably true. I spent a month volunteering at a dog sanctuary in Rajasthan in North India during my time spent backpacking after graduating from university, which further solidified my love for canines.

I finally convinced my boyfriend that we should get our own dog since looking after Izzy, a neighbour’s Daschund, fairly frequently. He fell in love with her and the idea of having a permanent four legged friend in our home. Both being self-employed and working from home, we knew this was a suitable situation to bring a dog into our lives.

With the beginning of the first lockdown giving us both plenty of time to think through the idea, we finally got our puppy Penny. She’s a fluffy little blonde Shihpoo (Shih Tzu and Toy poodle mix), and now we can’t imagine life without her. She makes us both laugh every day, and her enthusiastic face licking every morning is far more effective than any alarm clock.


My full time job as a freelance stylist for interiors, lifestyle products and food is quite intermittent in nature. Certain months are crazy busy, but after the summer rush of Christmas photo shoots there tends to be a bit of a lull.

This year was particularly quiet for me, with some photo shoots being moved to other dates (typically the week we had booked to go on holiday!) so I decided to use my creativity to make some Christmas decorations to keep myself busy. Initially I intended to make a few for family and friends, or to use as set dressing for future photo shoots, but I soon realised there was a demand for my creations.

The most popular by far have been the dog shaped clay decorations, which have the name of your dog embossed on the front.

I first designed these because I couldn’t find anything that represented my dog Penny. I had seen personalised decorations available but not in particular breed shapes.

There is such a growing dog community in the UK, and people seem to be looking for something unique. I’m building up my collection of doggy shapes daily and have had requests for decorations of their dogs’ breed. Watch this space!

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