Having grown a huge list of dog-friendly businesses and venues in Central London first, then Greater London, the rest of the UK, Ireland, Portugal, etc it was only a matter of time before we got started with the USA. When I mentioned our intentions to a friend and follower, he took it upon himself to get us well and truly started in his hometown of Pittsburgh. This was a great start and it meant that our website, Facebook group, Instagram account and DogBlog were now exposed to dog lovers across the Atlantic. So it was only right that I got our american patron to write a DogBlog himself and share his dog-loving story.

Welcome to our May DogBlog! 

James Buczynski – Retired (Designer/Antiques)

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself” – Josh Billings

My biggest hurdle on the ‘getting it’ curve in life was learning to seek the energy then lean into it. Just complete the loop ya dummy. It’s a cycle: rinse, repeat. But who knew that my six year old Sheltie, Roman, would appear as my ultimate guru in all this. Roman is my GPS on so many learning paths, but following him more deeply into his world has lead me into a better understanding of my own. Truth to tell and full stop.

Some knowings are utterly instinctive, yet instinct and intuition are parcelled out unequally at birth. Moms get lots of sign posts on their road maps, dads get fewer. Having no kids left me clueless in oh so many ways. It took Roman to share a few hard-core, full-frontal basics. One massive, blinking, flashing, neon kiosk: Roman is utterly, totally and forever dependent on me. That means I’m the only fellow who can put the verb into his sentences. Indeed, in this way he introduced me to doggy ‘time’, doggy ‘language’ and doggy ‘freedom’. All told that’s quite a package to deliver. No matter how you look at it.

The short hand is simple: I LOVE MY DOG.  But growing into doggy energy is like growing into your ears – or better still – learning to listen up. In doggy time there is only now and only me. And doggy energy is a wave that only crests with me. We are one in this way. And that’s why he watches me so intensely. I’m lucky to have clever friends who keep me on my toes. Roman is clever just that way. (I doubt there are any dogs who are not). And he knows how to get my attention immediately. That’s how we discovered the necessity for a divider between the front and back seats. It’s critical when we’re in the car. And a dramatic way to learn about margins. But here’s the energy loop he hammered home for me. It goes back to me putting the verbs in his sentences. We need to always be in sync and acting together. This is not the easy/fun stuff – like being affectionate. This is the hard stuff; he always needs me to be the leader. Here’s the deal breaker. Roman yearns, craves and longs for my leadership. That’s how our energy loops. When I’m alpha he can relax and lean into being stress-free.

So I’ve discovered there are priorities across the ‘being’ margins of our energy:

#1 Exercise. Daily, diverse and deliberate. NOT just Roman in the back garden, but Roman in new places weekly, at random times, on and off his lead. At six years old our walking time is 30-40 min max now. Always temperature friendly.

#2 Clear cues make Roman secure in the world. He is always looking to be guided. It makes him feel protected. It helps him ‘know’ who he is. We make a safe space together. I learned a convenient way to practice this #2 priority. Roman doesn’t want to be human AT ALL. Roman doesn’t want choices. That’s what I’m here for. That’s what Roman needs. From me if he’s to have a GOOD doggy day.

AND at last #3 Affection. The easy one: continuous and throughout the day. Every morning we have five minutes of gray sofa time. Roman is that rare guy who likes hugs. And I’ve learned to return his direct eye contact “look of love“.

Roman’s baby brother Charlie

He says to me ‘everything is easier for me if you are here (…and always remember, you do know this don’t you, I suffer from separation anxiety big time) and I say ‘Who’s a GOOD BOY’.

Rinse, repeat.

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