The thought of losing a dog is one that will fill any animal lover with dread. But a dog we have shared our home with for nearly 2 decades… Unimagineable!

Not only do they become members of the family, but also dictate that the family routine revolve around them. That’s if they are loved and appreciated pets…

So to see that routine shaken by the loss of a family member – albeit a 4-legged one – will take more than a few weeks to adjust to. And even a new pet will struggle to ever fill the gap left wide open…

Welcome to our June DogBlog!

TRUDY, BLUE (17, RIP) and ELLA (4)

Back in 2007, Trudy decided that she wanted to rescue a dog. So she made her way to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and adopted Blue, a Jack Russell puppy who had been rejected by at least 4 people. Trudy decided to take him home, although she maintains that he chose her. Blue was around 6-7 years old, nobody knew exactly… He was a docile dog, with very expressive eyes, full of energy, a very specific marking in his left eye and very short legs. He was loved, well looked after and kept Trudy company for a long, long time. Then, in March 2021, Blue crossed the rainbow bridge – he was almost 17 and already suffering from several health issues. Blue was happy next to Trudy and Trudy was happy next to Blue…

Blue at almost 17 years of age


Extremely sad and feeling a profound emptiness, her home also empty without a dog, Trudy expressed to a friend her wish to have another rescue. Regina soon got to work and, after 3 months looking, finally found one. Ella (Biewer Terrier), 4 1/2 years of age, a very shy girl, had also been rejected 4 times. Trudy visited her for the first time; Ella was very suspicious, thinking “Could Trudy be my new family?…” with a very untrusting stare.


Shy Ella

Within 3 days, Trudy had Ella in her arms – complete happiness, a smile on her face and her home full again. Trudy is very loving and once again she’s taken home a dog rejected by several people.


When Trudy lost Blue, I began a frenetic search for a new puppy, since she felt lonely and the house felt empty. I got in touch with several NGOs but they only had large breeds. I posted my search on several FB groups, but nobody was able to help. Until I remembered to ask Victor to publish our story on Let My Dog In and that same day we got the news that one member knew Andy and Ella – and the conversation started there. Trudy made the first contact and we arranged to go visit the next day.

Regina offering a helping hand to find Trudy a new rescue dog

She was so happy, but unfortunately Andy had to work that day so we rescheduled for another day. We went to his home and there we met Ella for the first time. We fell in love at first sight, however Ella was shy and stared at us with uncertainty and distrust. We chatted for an hour and agreed that Ella would go home with Trudy 2 days later. Ella finally got home and has adapted extremely well to her new home and her new Mum. As Trudy says, the home is no longer empty. Ella and Trudy are happy again! ???

Regina’s Barney (6) being big brother to Ella (around 4)


Ella’s rehoming was not my first experience at rescuing a dog. Dragon has been coming to me for grooming since 2014 and is always a happy bundle of joy. He had elderly owners who were relocating to a retirement complex out of London which meant they needed to rehome Dragon. A friend of mine – Jill – had lost her little Pippa suddenly a few months before and was really missing the companionship of a dog, but with the big surge in dog ownership in lockdown, couldn’t find a dog to care for. Dragon came in for his regular groom and his owners explained their dilemma about rehoming him, and they didn’t want to give him to just anyone. I put them in touch with Jill and the rest as they say is history. They keep in regular contact with Jill; and Dragon – now Dray –  is so happy in his new home.

Alan grooming Dragon, now Dray (9)

Ella came for a groom and Andy told me that she was his mum’s dog but his mum had become allergic to her hair, as had he. He asked me if I knew of a good place where she could be rehomed. I had just read a post from Victor on Let My Dog In about Trudy, who was looking for another dog after her Blue had passed away, so I got in touch and between Victor and I we put the current owner in touch with Trudy, and now Ella is all settled into her new home. ?

Alan grooming Ella, just before he realised he was about to help rehome her

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