We all love going into work, whatever time of the day or night, whatever season of the year… foot-in-mouth  But wouldn’t this be made even easier if we could take our beloved pooches to work with us? Well, some of us can; and some of us do!

Here are 3 heart-warming stories to get you started. Many more to come very soon… And if you have a story of your own, then please get in touch. We would love to hear it! embarassed


LEE SHARP with STITCH ? (about 9 years old)

I’ve had to take Stitch to work a few times in the past when Michelle has been up at her parents. Stitch used to chase our cat and she was very stressed so she went to retire to Michelle’s parents. Stitch stayed with me.

He’s incredibly well behaved. Easily the most placid around people of the 3 of our dogs and so very unlikely to cause any disturbances in the office. When he’s come in with me he either relaxes next to my desk or I book the boardroom out for the day and work from there.

We go for a bit of a walk at lunch so he gets out and about. And he loves the fuss from the team in the office. I’m all for dogs in the office, providing they behave and aren’t tooooo distracting! Although we don’t have a “dogs in the office policy”, we wouldn’t refuse an employee bringing theirs in if they needed to.  As one of the directors I certainly wouldn’t do it myself and then say no to others.

CARLI NIEMANN with CAESAR (8 months old)

Before I even got Caesar, I cleared it with my employer as I didn’t want him to be home alone for long periods under any circumstances. I’m very lucky to be working for a company that is very cool about it ? Also the building we rent a space in (Workspace) is very doggy-friendly. He brings SO much joy to everyone in the office, he is like an in-house stress reliever!! I always have someone by my desk coming for a cuddle. The only downside is the mess he makes next to my desk as he collects leaves from plants in the office and brings them all to his “lair” haha.

I’ve attached a photo one of my colleagues snapped of him today ?

MAX CLARK with RAGS (1 year & 2 months old)

Rags and I are in the lucky position to be able to go to work together. Despite being in the military, the organisation is very dog-friendly; provided all those that work alongside you are happy and the Commanding Officer agrees, it’s all systems go!

So once I had cleared it with my Commanding Officer the next question was “How?”. Luckily Rags is ok in the tube, however after a few trips we both concluded this was not a sustainable method, especially in the summer when he just suffered too much from the heat. Walking in was always an option, but time-consuming; and walking a lively Jack Russel in the city at the peak of commuting time is pretty unpleasant. So I started looking at taking him on the bike, stumbled across a custom-made back pack for dog-carrying and bingo! With ample treats and masses of positive reinforcement I finally got him to love sitting in it.

So now we cycle in and out of work, and with the freedom of being on the bike we can go to any park on our commute and he can get his two daily walks, mega bonus!

At work Rags is loved by all the lads, he has a little dog bed under my desk and gets played with all the time with everyone in the office. Far from being a distraction he can really lift people’s moods in the office, he loves the attention and definitely has a soothing effect on all those around him!

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