This month marks our expansion to the USA – what a way to start the new year of 2022… Our friend and member from across the pond James Buczynski was very keen to help add to our dog-friendly listings all the way from Pennsylvania. And so our first ever venues listed in the United States are all in his beloved Pittsburgh.

We got started with a few Bars & Pubs and also some Cafés but we’re already working on promoting pet-friendly Accommodation, Restaurants, Shops and others stateside. We know that we have at least 30 members in the country so we look forward to their future collaboration.

And speaking of membership, we have just welcomed our 1,400th LMDI member on Facebook!!!! To think that less than 5 years ago we were commemorating 100 members… We are truly honoured to host such an enthusiastic and loyal group of people. People who often show more regard for their pets than themselves… One such example is Mandy Barber, who has been rehoming a very special breed of dogs for well over 2 decades…


Welcome to our January DogBlog!



I have been rehoming greyhounds for 25 years! There are many misconceptions about greyhounds, the main one being that they need a lot of exercise. They don’t! It is recommended by The Greyhound Trust that they need 2 twenty minute walks each day. Often it is hard to persuade them that they need to go out at all!

Usually it is thought that greyhounds are badly treated and abused. All registered greyhound trainers are strictly monitored by GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) and the welfare of the dogs is paramount. The training premises are regularly checked and the race tracks have very stringent measures. No dogs are put to sleep unless it’s on a vet’s recommendation.

There are regional branches of The Greyhound Trust all over the country. They work on caring for the dogs which have been retired from their racing career and finding them suitable homes. Sometimes a volunteer will foster a dog and get it used to moving into a family home, sometimes the dogs come straight from their trainer. All dogs are different and while some take a while to get used to things which they have never come across before – stairs, tv, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, new noises, etc. some will walk in and climb on the sofa like they have always lived there!

It is so rewarding to see a greyhound’s personality develop and they give so much love in return for a full tummy and comfy bed!

Some greyhounds are picked up as strays and find their way to rehoming charities such as The Dogs Trust. Mostly their history can be traced from the tattoos in their ears, which are done when they are puppies. If anyone is thinking of rehoming a dog please don’t overlook these gentle, loving, sofa surfers – you won’t regret it!

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