The more I go through life, the more I realise I am a natural networker. I love getting to know new people, making new friends and exchanging new ideas. And my two biggest passions – travel and dogs – always seem to be entertwined. Sometimes I find myself talking about dogs and suddenly the conversation veers towards travel… and sometimes the opposite is true. This was one such occasion, when a veeeery long travel-related conversation ended with a challenge to write a DogBlog; a challenge that was promptly accepted and executed by our latest contributor, 30 minutes before packing her bags for her holidays…

Welcome to our August DogBlog!

Maru Anez – International client services manager




I am originally from Venezuela and I will be 60 next year!!! I have had dogs at home my entire life – Dalmatians, like in the movie, lots of them! I moved to the United States in 1991, got married and had a boy (almost 30 now), got divorced when my son was only 2 and worked and worked so hard to support my son; for 20 years I worked non-stop and one day, on my worst hair day foot-in-mouth, while living in Florida, I met a guy born in Kenya (his parents are English)  and a year later we got married – it has been the best 10 years of my life… So, having said that, we moved to Arizona for my husband’s job 3 years ago (he’s an English butler laughing) and I was able to keep my job working from home.

Sadly, I was told by a doctor 2 years ago that I had a tumor (thank God it was a misdiagnosis); I was devastated thinking that my husband would be alone as he said he would never remarry (I believe it)… so I decided to look for a dog.

There is an organization here called SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanasia) Animal Rescue. I checked their site, they had 2 dogs that were about to be put to sleep and I decided to get them!! So after all kinds of paperwork, we got to rescue them!

Clint and Grace are brother and sister, they have changed our lives; we love them and they adore us! We have a big backyard and they absolutely love it, chasing anything that moves… yell

They sleep in our room; we have trained them so well, they’re about 2 years old now, they have big crates and they get in and sleep in them automatically when the lights are off at night.

My husband never had kids and he’s an animal lover, crazy!! The dogs love us both but he is their hero: he cooks for them, bathes them and lays on the sofa every night to watch tv; we have a great home for these dogs and they keep us busy and super happy, a real blessing to have them and to be alive!!

Life with dogs is just happy everyday!! Rescue dogs are extremely grateful, they seem to read the energy around them and know they are now safe at home, somehow they seem to know their new parents are home to stay.

This was their first day at home…

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